>> New York Times - 6/29/14
"Given that there is so much overlap between media, entertainment and technology, I Want Media manages to be both comprehensive and enlightening."

>> TheStreet - 6/10/14
Last month in New York, as part of a panel immodestly entitled the Future of Media and hosted by I Want Media, Vice Media's never-bashful CEO Shane Smith threw one of his emblematic punches ..."

>> @hunterwalk - 5/30/14
"Free newsletters you should be receiving: @theskimm @MediaREDEF @Mattermark @iwantmedia @StrictlyVC @danprimack's TermSheet."

>> New York Post - 5/27/14
"Martin Baron of the Washington Post said his contacts with new owner Jeff Bezos are 'pretty constant,' while speaking on a panel on the future of media sponsored by I Want Media."

>> - 5/22/14
"Facebook co-founder and publisher of The New Republic Chris Hughes proclaimed his distaste for the term 'media' on the I Want Media-sponsored Future of Media panel."

>> New York Post - 11/29/13
Page Six: "Jeff Bezos is leading the pack on who will be named Media Person of the Year. Voting begins on Monday for the annual competition by I Want Media."

>> WWD - 5/24/13
"Mark Thompson, CEO of The New York Times Company, was at a panel convened by the website I Want Media to discuss the future of the media business."

>> Folio - 5/23/13
"From Tumblr to live events, a few of those who are shaping the future of media discussed what they see ahead at an I Want Media panel discussion."

>> AllThingsD - 7/27/12
I Want Media among the "Tools for Taming the Media."

>> Adweek - 5/18/12
I Want Media's Future of Media panel "a microcosm for the entirety of Internet Week, as media professionals gathered to dissect the changing media landscape."

>> Forbes - 2/21/12
"If you subscribe to I Want Media's daily email newsletter (and if you don't already, you should) ..."

>> Atlantic Wire - 2/16/12
Brian Stelter, What I Read: "I get newsletters -- Mike Allen's Playbook, I Want Media ... "

>> Huffington Post - 12/12/11
"The results are in for I Want Media's Media Person of the Year, and the winner is ..."

>> Adweek - 6/08/11
"So the New York Times, the Huffington Post, the New York Observer, Gawker, Newsweek/Daily Beast, and Facebook all walk onto a stage ..."

>> The Wrap - 3/16/11
"Jimmy Finkelstein The Hill owner and media investor who once courted I Want Media has acquired the media aggregation website."

>> New York Post - 3/16/11
"Jimmy Finkelstein has acquired website I Want Media from founder Patrick Phillips."

>> Huffington Post - 12/13/10
"Julian Assange, the founder and editor in chief of WikiLeaks, is the Media Person of the Year, according to the ninth annual online competition held by I Want Media."

>> Yahoo News - 12/06/10
"Tina Brown 'is a gift to media reporters that just keeps on giving,' said David Carr at today's I Want Media panel for Media Person of the Year."

>> Daily Beast - 6/09/10
Best of Internet Week: I Want Media's Future of Media. "An impressive lineup showed up at NYU's journalism institute for this afternoon panel."

>> Wall Street Journal - 6/08/10
"The Huffington Post is not for sale, despite recent rumors, co-founder Arianna Huffington said at a panel discussion hosted by I Want Media."

>> TechCrunch - 6/08/10
"Yahoo Media VP James Pitaro and AOL Media president David Eun were both on a Future of Media panel today, but they sound like they work for the same company."

>> New York Post - 11/25/09
Page Six: "It looks like the Twitter boys will win Media Person of the Year. The eighth annual online poll by I Want Media opens Monday."

>> New York Post - 11/04/09
Page Six: "The New York Times might have ended up as part of Google, according to Ken Auletta, author of 'Googled.' Auletta tells I Want Media that Google discussed buying the Times."

>> New York Post - 6/04/09
Page Six: "Twitter's Jack Dorsey echoed Gawker's Nick Denton and Craigslist's Craig Newmark [saying] his business won't be for sale anytime soon at I Want Media's Future of Media discussion."

>> Wall Street Journal - 6/03/09
"Media executives assembled to talk about the future of the business, but mostly they talked about Twitter, in a panel hosted by I Want Media."

>> New York Observer - 6/03/09
"Newspapers 'have nothing that people are going to pay [for],' Gawker chief Nick Denton told the crowd at I Want Media's Future of Media panel."

>> Hollywood Reporter - 6/03/09
"Key new media executives discussed the hottest topics of the year [in a] panel discussion on the Future of the Media organized by I Want Media."

>> Searchblog - 4/06/09
John Battelle: "Google is starting to take blows from every side. Check out the first five headlines from I Want Media this morning."

>> Seattle Times - 01/04/09
"About 75,000 newspaper, magazine and television jobs have disappeared since 2000, I Want Media estimates, and the pace has been accelerating."

>> Silicon Alley Insider - 12/19/08
"Michael Wolff's been saying inflamatory things about Rupert Murdoch, the subject of his biography 'The Man Who Owns the News.' The latest tidbits come from I Want Media."

>> Huffington Post - 12/08/08
"Arianna Huffington beat out contenders like Tina Fey, Rupert Murdoch and The Laid-Off Journalist to win I Want Media's Person of the Year 2008."

>> New York Post - 11/30/08
Page Six: "The leading candidate to be I Want Media's 2008 Media Person of the Year might just be The Laid-Off Journalist."

>> Vanity Fair - 6/12/08
Vanity Fair charts the most influential or amusing blogs: "I Want Media: Home of the Media Person of the Year award."

>> Advertising Age - 6/09/08
"Last week's Future of Media panel, produced by I Want Media, provided a rare insight into Newsweek's social-media shortcomings."

>> Fast Company - 6/07/08
"Some of the most successful media players remain as puzzled as ever on what will happen next, [according to the panel] hosted by Patrick Phillips's I Want Media."

>> New York Post - 6/06/08
Page Six: "Michael Wolff kicked off the verbal fisticuffs at I Want Media's panel discussion on The Future of Media."

>> Huffington Post - 6/04/08
" 'We're looking at our own obsolescence,' Michael Wolff told his fellow panelists at an I Want Media forum on The Future of Media."

>> Reuters - 1/30/08
"Google VP of Content Partnerships David Eun tries to dial down the fear factor in the media industry. I Want Media's Patrick Phillips caught up with him."

>> Searchblog - 1/09/08
John Battelle: "I read I Want Media each day. Yikes. Old school media is hurting."

>> Media Industry Newsletter - 12/10/07
"Striking Writers Guild of America members won 56% of the vote in I Want Media's poll for Media Person of the Year. But the far bigger story in 2007 was Rupert Murdoch."

>> Broadcasting & Cable - 12/04/07
"Striking TV writers were named Person [to use the term loosely] of the Year in I Want Media's annual online poll."

>> New York Post - 11/28/07
Page Six: "I Want Media is conducting its sixth annual poll to name the Media Person of the Year, who will join such past winners as Stephen Colbert, Anderson Cooper, Jon Stewart and Bonnie Fuller."

>> Searchblog - 9/05/07
John Battelle: "I Want Media really sums up what's going on now."

>> Comedy Central - 12/08/06
Stephen Colbert: "There's some exciting news in the world of Stephen Colbert: I became the I Want Media 2006 Media Person of the Year."

>> MSNBC - 12/04/06
Joe Scarborough: "Stephen Colbert was just named Media Person of the Year in a poll that featured critics from the Washington Post, the New York Times, as well as other outlets, in the annual poll held by the Web site I Want Media."

>> Huffington Post - 12/04/06
Rachel Sklar: "The votes are in: Stephen Colbert, the host of the eponymously-pronounced 'The Colbert Report,' is the 2006 I Want Media Person of the Year."

>> New York Post - 11/28/06
Page Six: "It's not as prestigious as Time magazine's Person of the Year, but it's still a big deal to be named 2006 Media Person of the Year after winning a poll conducted by I Want Media."

>> New York Post - 8/13/06
Page Six: "Jared Kushner, the new owner of the New York Observer, tells I Want Media that he plans to compete with blogs."

>> JupiterResearch Analyst Weblog - 6/26/06
"As it often does, I Want Media makes my day."

>> MediaShift - 5/02/06
"I Want Media, a barometer of sorts for the mindset of the media biz."

>> Boston Phoenix - 8/26/05
"A number of online sites serve as clearing houses for journalism-related news. ... I Want Media focuses on the business of news and posts stories throughout the day."

>> Forbes - 8/03/05
Best of the Web: I Want Media, "founded and edited by journalist and former PR guy Patrick Phillips, links to stories of the latest mergers and upsets in the media."

>> New York Sun - 7/20/05
"I Want Media, a favorite site of journalists and editors, is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a redesign and some new features."

>> iMedia Connection - 6/29/05
George Simpson: "If you are like me, you subscribe to far too many online publications in a desperate attempt to keep up to date with the changing world of media and advertising. If I had to give them all up and pick just one, it would be I Want Media."

>> PR Week - 5/23/05
Mike Manning, Connors Communications: "I can't live without I Want Media, a daily summary of articles from around the Web about media companies and figures."

>> New York Times - 5/08/05
"Blogs primarily excel at marketing and promotion for companies or individuals," said Patrick Phillips of I Want Media. "But as a stand-alone business, I think the jury is still out on that."

>> New York Post - 2/21/05
Page Six: "As soon as I Want Media posted Michael Wolff's speech online last week, site founder Patrick Phillips received a series of angry e-mails threatening legal action."

>> AlwaysOn Network - 1/27/05
Tony Perkins: "I was answering an I Want Media 'One Question' about whether I thought [FCC chairman] Michael Powell would keep blogging after he retires, so I was able to give the scrappy media site a real-time answer."

>> Ketchum - 1/06/05
I Want Media is a "general blogging site that every media pro should be reading."

>> New York Post - 12/18/04
Page Six: "In an interview posted on I Want Media, Time magazine managing editor Jim Kelly said he's a fan of blogs and he named his favorites."

>> Washington Times - 12/17/04
"Who mattered in media? The Media Person of the Year will be named Sunday on CNBC, based on votes amassed by I Want Media, an online compendium of daily press analysis in print and broadcast."

>> New York Post - 9/01/04
Page Six: "The claws came out a little when Jane Pauley was asked by I Want Media whether the talk-show queen could envision herself becoming a multimedia brand like Oprah Winfrey."

>> Media Channel - 8/26/04
I Want Media is "good for hard news on media deals -- who's buying whom. Comes with extensive directory of online resources related to media."

>> Online Journalism Review - 8/04/04
"I Want Media's Patrick Phillips told me he gets e-mail pitches from reporters, editors and PR people every day -- some days in the dozens."

>> - 3/08/04
"Tina Brown tells I Want Media that Martha Stewart will probably 'connect with' other women in the slammer and come away from her jail time with 'a new, winning idea.' "

>> WNYC "On the Media" - 1/02/04
I Want Media has "an impressive list of nominee" for Media Person of the Year that "represents the good, the bad and the grotesquely ugly in American media."

>> Mermigas on Media - 11/20/03
"It is not uncommon to find internal corporate computer monitors at some media-related service companies resorting to I Want Media as an informational home page of sorts."

>> Gawker - 11/17/03
I Want Media "is the Web site where people who disdain sarcasm and vicious personal attacks read about media."

>> - 11/19/03
"As many as 70,000 media-related positions were eliminated in the past three years, according to the layoff tracker at I Want Media."

>> New York Daily News - 10/30/03
Lloyd Grove: "In an interview with I Want Media, Donny Deutsch revealed that Michael Wolff, author of the new book 'Autumn of the Moguls,' is his choice to run New York magazine."

>> - 10/08/03
I Want Media "brings together stories about television, publishing and the Internet media businesses, offering a mixture of original interviews and summaries with links updated so often it's daunting."

>> Salon - 7/15/03
"New York Times columnist Frank Rich [tells I Want Media] the Jayson Blair scandal at his paper isn't sexy enough to have legs."

>> Online Journalism Review - 6/17/03
I Want Media "has the media industry's attention; a must-see site for media junkies."

>> PR Week - 6/09/03
I Want Media "may be the most comprehensive site for media news; a first-read for the media elite."

>> New York Post - 5/05/03
Page Six: Tina Brown on I Want Media - "Buzz can be harmful. It certainly was in Talk magazine's case."

>> - 3/17/03
Best Media Blogs -- I Want Media: "A Web site that contains everything media professionals need to stay ahead of the game on a daily basis: industry news, gossip and intelligence on the media industry in all its forms."

>> Wall Street Journal - 2/21/03
"Maer Roshan, in an interview this week with I Want Media, attempts to spin his publication as one that'll be unique on newsstands."

>> New York Post - 1/23/03
Page Six: "Vanity Fair's Nina Munk, whose book about the troubled [AOL-Time Warner] mega-merger is due in 2004, tells I Want Media she has already picked out a list of actors to portray the power players."

>> New York Times - 1/05/03
"In a Web poll conducted by I Want Media, which follows the media industry, 112 of about 500 readers named Martha Stewart as Media Person of the Year for 2002."

>> New York Post - 12/25/02
"If you're interested in voting for yourself as a Media Person of the Year, the polls are still open at I Want Media."

>> New York Daily News - 12/08/02
"Martha Stewart has taken an early lead in the voting for Media Person of the Year on the influential Web site I Want Media."

>> Folio: - 12/01/02
I Want Media is a "virtual hub for media news, gossip, speculation and general industry-related hullabaloo. You ignore [it] at your professional peril."

>> Media Life - 10/25/02
"I Want Media follows industry trends, from TV programming to regulatory issues to ad spending. Sites like Phillips' provide readers a place to find the top media stories and to ... gain a glimpse of the changes that are sweeping over the media marketplace."

>> Poynter Online - 10/15/02
"I Want Media is mainly a comprehensive portal that features the latest headlines and stories from a variety of sources, along with links to job sites, media organizations, etc."

>> O'Dwyer's PR Services Report - 9/02
"Get all your media news in one place. ... I Want Media offers a great collection of links to Web resources that would be hard to get to without spending a lot of time at your favorite search engine."

>> Venture Reporter - 7/22/02
"The site fills a need [for] coverage of big media mergers, convergence and other business turmoil in the media industry. ... Some subscription Web sites have even opened up select stories so that they can be linked from I Want Media."

>> USA Today - 7/18/02
"Media layoffs appear to have leveled off, says Patrick Phillips, founder of I Want Media, which has tracked layoffs in the radio, television, newspaper and the Internet world since 2000."

>> - 5/30/02
"If you work in new media, old media or any kind of media, then you know that I Want Media is a must-read site."

>> New York Times - 5/20/02
"I Want Media ... has agreed to license its roundups to two other media Web sites."

>> Dotcom Scoop - 2/18/02
Interview with Patrick Phillips of I Want Media.

>> Wall Street Journal - 1/29/02
I Want Media "provides links to media job sites."

>> Online Journalism Review - 12/18/01
"A smartly designed media portal brimming with information useful to anyone working with print or online media, from journalists and managers to marketers, sales reps and media buyers."

>> CIO Magazine - 12/01/01
CIO Web Business 50 Award: "Clear presentation allows visitors to easily find the media-related news they're looking for."

>> Editor & Publisher - 7/10/01
"I Want Media is a starting point for all kinds of news and commentary related to print, broadcasting and Web-based publishing."

>> Washington Post - 5/24/01
"This site is clearly oriented to the serious media geek."

>> Media Industry Newsletter - 5/21/01
"Patrick Phillips's I Want Media ... attracts a sizeable audience among major media pros. Users praise the unique breadth of cross-media coverage."

>> Tribune Media Services - 10/08/00
"We saw this site and fell in love. For anyone in the media, this is an indispensable bookmark, even worthy of a start-up page."

>> Media Industry Newsletter - 8/28/00
"I Want Media is about the best comprehensive, smart media-on-media content digest we've seen."


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"I Want Media Now that's power!"

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"Love the site. I read it religiously."

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