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CBS Outdoor Buys 1,100 Billboards from Van Wagner
CBS Outdoor Americas plans to buy some outdoor advertising businesses from privately held U.S. billboard company Van Wagner for $690 million in cash. The deal includes about 1,100 large-format billboard displays in 11 U.S. markets with total revenue of $206 million in 2013.

Report: Advertisers Moving Money From TV to Digital
Wall Street Journal
Procter & Gamble and General Motors, two of the biggest U.S. advertisers, have scaled back their advertising commitments to TV networks during the annual "upfront" negotiations. While both companies still devote most of their ad dollars to TV, they have begun moving more into digital.

Nielsen, Facebook to Track Shows Watched on Devices
Washington Post
Nielsen has turned to Facebook to find out what you're watching on your mobile device. Starting this fall, Facebook will track the shows its users watch on their phones and tablets and send demo data to the TV ratings company. The arrangement was announced last October.

Report: Political TV Ads Take Targeting to Next Level
Wall Street Journal
Politicians are moving away from blanket TV advertising now that they have sophisticated ways to figure out which kinds of voters or potential voters are watching which kinds of programs and when. "Instead of sending a letter to a post box, we're sending a 30-second spot to a TV set."

Study: Binge TV Viewers Are More Receptive to Ads
Wall Street Journal
Netflix and others are making it easier for consumers to indulge in hours-long sessions of their favorite TV show. Where does that leave advertisers? New research finds that many viewers are willing to tolerate ads while binge-viewing if it lowers their subscription rates.

Report: Digital Ad Fraud Reaching 'Crisis Proportions'
Financial Times
The automation of the advertising industry was supposed to reduce waste. But in a quest for greater efficiency, marketers have exposed themselves to a new challenge: fraud. The fastest-growing part of the sector — open exchanges — is increasingly being exploited by criminals.

WWP's Sorrell: 10 Trends Shaping Global Ad Business
Martin Sorrell, founder and CEO of WPP: "New York is still very much the center of the world, but power is becoming more widely distributed, marching South, East and South East: to Latin America, India, China, Russia, Africa and the Middle East, and Central and Eastern Europe."

EMarketer: Advertisers Scramble to Spend on Mobile
Financial Times
U.S. advertising spending on mobile devices will pass all other digital ads in two years and account for more than a quarter of total marketing budgets by 2018, according to eMarketer. "Consumers are spending more of their digital media time with their smartphones and tablets."

YouTube's AwesomenessTV Steals TV Ad Spending
Advertising Age
At least one YouTube network has stolen advertising money from TV. Royal Caribbean has pulled funds from its TV budget to sponsor two new series from teen-centric YouTube network AwesomenessTV. DreamWorks Animation bought AwesomenessTV for $33.5 million last May.

Survey: Advertisers Up Spending on Twitter, Facebook
Advertising Age
As marketers plan for the coming year, they appear to be looking more at Twitter, according to a recent survey. Some 63% of respondents said they planned to increase their spending on Twitter over the next year. By comparison, 59% said they expect to spend more on Facebook.

Facebook, Twitter Ads Said to Have Little Influence
Silicon Valley Business
Advertising on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter may not be as effective as marketers and the social websites may like, according to a new survey from Gallup. A mere 5% of American consumers say the ads have a significant impact on their purchases.

Kantar Media: U.S. Ad Spending Reaches $35 Billion
The Winter Olympics helped push up overall U.S. advertising nearly 6% for the first quarter, according to Kantar Media. Ad revenue for the first three months was $34.9 billion, with broadcast network TV among the biggest gainers, up 14.5%. Display Internet business grew 13%.

Nielsen, ComScore Short on World Cup Streaming Data
Wall Street Journal
If advertisers wanted an impartial estimate of how many people streamed Sunday night's riveting World Cup U.S.-Portugal match, they were out of luck. Neither comScore nor Nielsen tracked the online audience. Neither firm regularly tracks data on online viewership for live events.

WPP CEO Predicts More Consolidation in Ad Industry
Wall Street Journal
WPP chief Martin Sorrell said consolidation in the advertising industry will continue as companies continue to keep their costs down. Ad companies are facing intensifying cost pressures from their clients, some of whom are squeezing ad agencies by delaying payments.

Magna Global: Digital Media Bests National TV Ads
Magna Global has issued a report predicting a major upswing of 8.3% for U.S. TV advertising revenue in 2014, after a dismal 2013 in which revenues were down 0.6%. But there has been one significant change: national TV advertising is now smaller than digital media advertising.

Univision Exec Implicated in Nielsen Ratings Scandal
Los Angeles Times
Nielsen has widened its investigation into a ratings scandal in Los Angeles and uncovered evidence that a Univision radio exec allegedly has been manipulating ratings. The measurement giant calls the breach "a serious violation." Months of ratings may have been compromised.

Report: TV's Share of Global Ad Spending to Peak
The global advertising market is set to grow this year to reach $524 billion, helped by a boost in TV ads during the World Cup, according to Zenith Optimedia. However, TV's share of global ad spending is predicted to peak this year, due to the rapid growth of Internet ads.

WPP in Deal to Buy Media Monitoring Service Precise
Martin Sorrell's WPP has acquired Precise Media Group in a deal that values the London-based media monitoring business at around £70 million. Precise Media was started in 1996 and has headquarters in London and New York serving 10,000 print and media online sources.

Report: Internet Ads Surge 19 Percent in One Year
Wall Street Journal
U.S. Internet advertising revenues jumped 19% from a year earlier to a new first-quarter high of $11.6 billion, according to the latest report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers. "Digital screens are a critical part of the marketing mix."

World Cup Advertisers Trade TV Spots for Hashtags
For advertisers during the World Cup, hashtags are becoming as valuable as TV commercials. With few breaks in action during a soccer match, advertisers are embracing social media as a stand-in for the 30-second spots that dominate the Super Bowl, Olympics and World Series.

Reports: Online Pirates Thrive on Legit Ad Dollars
Associated Press
Movie and music piracy thrives online in part because crafty website operators receive advertising dollars from major companies like Comcast, Ford and McDonald's. That is the conclusion of several recent reports that have shed light on the funding sources of Internet piracy.

Marketer: Internet to Trump TV for World Cup Ads
Nike's TV ad buying during the World Cup is declining as it increasingly uses Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to reach soccer fans. "The marketing of the World Cup has changed dramatically since 2010. Four years ago the centerpiece was TV. This is going to be a mobile World Cup."

Nielsen: 'Breaking Bad' Leads TV Season's Top Tweets
World Screen
Nielsen has examined the series and moments that reached the largest audiences and engaged the most fans on Twitter in the U.S. from the most recent TV season, finding that AMC's "Breaking Bad" set the record for reach of a single airing as well as average over time.

GroupM in Upfront Talks with TV Networks to Use C7
Advertising Age
GroupM is said to be striking agreements with broadcasters to do business on a C7 basis for its clients during upfronts. Actual commitments for ad time aren't the focus; instead the parties are laying groundwork to do deals that consider commercial ratings over the course of a week.

Report: Online Ads Viewed More by Fraudster Robots
Financial Times
Part of a recent Mercedes-Benz online advertising campaign was viewed more often by automated computer programs than by human beings, according to documents. The incident could intensify concerns about the prevalence of fraud in the fast-growing online advertising market.

Vine, Instagram Celebrities Now Courted by Brands
Both Vine, Twitter's six-second video platform, and Facebook's Instagram are growing fast. Vine has more than 25 million U.S. users, and Instagram over three times that. The two platforms now boast their own micro-celebrities, who have amassed tens of thousands of followers.

Nielsen Adds Demo Data to Twitter TV Ratings Service
New York Post
Nielsen, which last fall launched a Twitter TV ratings service, has added demographic data to reveal who is tweeting about television. In 2013, 86 million people sent tweets about TV in the United States, amounting to 990 million total tweets revolving around TV.

Publicis, Facebook Enter Big Ad Deal Over Instagram
Facebook and Publicis Groupe have entered a broad advertising deal drawing another media agency closer to the social network. Facebook's Instagram is part of the deal with the French company and its Starcom MediaVest, which plans to spend "hundreds of millions of dollars."

Nielsen: TV Still Leads in Viewership, Ad Spending
Just in time for the upfronts, Nielsen has released its advertising and audiences report. Guess what: People still watch a lot of TV. And advertisers haven't cut back on spending against it. According to third-quarter 2013 data, viewers spent 55.5 hours watching traditional TV.

Advertisers: TV Ad Dollars Shifting to Internet Video
Wall Street Journal
Major advertisers including MasterCard and Verizon Wireless in the past year have moved a portion of the money they spent on TV over to online outlets, according to ad execs. Money for online video is "definitely coming out of TV ... It's about shifting to where audiences are."

Publicis Groupe Becomes Member of NYC Media Lab
Publicis Groupe is joining the NYC Media Lab as a corporate member in an effort led by the French company's operating units DigitasLBi, MRY, Razorfish and VivaKi. The Lab connects companies seeking to advance new media technologies with university labs and talent in New York.

Omnicom, Publicis Call Off Proposed $35 Billion Merger
New York Times
Omnicom Group and Publicis Groupe have called off their $35 billion merger, bringing a premature end to a deal that would have created the largest advertising company in the world. A mix of clashing personalities and disagreements about integration helped derail the deal.

Nielsen to Help Programmers Profit from Online TV
Nielsen is finally on the verge of being able to measure TV viewers everywhere they watch, be it on live TV, a PC or a mobile phone. The unified measurement will give programmers the ability to sell advertising time for one show across many platforms. "This could get very big."

Report: More Ad Dollars Flowing to Pirated Video
Wall Street Journal
Websites offering pirated movies and television shows are being supported, inadvertently, by major marketers that buy ad space on them. Thanks to the rise of automated ad-buying technologies, more ad dollars are said to be flowing to sites with stolen content than ever before.

Survey: Majority of Online Video Ads 'Unviewable'
New York Times
By many estimates, more than half of online video ads are not seen, either because they are buried low on web pages or run in tiny, easily ignored video players. Ad management platform Vindico has deemed 57% of 2 billion video ads surveyed over two months to be "unviewable."

Report: Media Ad Revenues to Hit $168 Billion in 2014
World Screen
Magna Global has forecast that U.S. media owners' advertising revenues will grow by 6% this year to $168 billion, an increase from its previous forecast of 5.5%, thanks to the World Cup, mid-term elections and other events taking place in 2014. TV is expected to benefit most.

TV 'Upfronts' Face Middling Outlook as Web Erodes
Wall Street Journal
Amid shrinking audiences and intensifying competition for advertising dollars from online video outlets like YouTube and Yahoo, the overall volume of "upfront" financial commitments to networks for the fall season are likely to be essentially flat, according to analysts.

Internet Ad Sales Surpass Broadcast TV for First Time
Internet advertising soaked up record revenues of $42.8 billion in 2013, the Interactive Advertising Bureau said in a new report. A 17% increase over 2012's results, last year's number helped the online ad industry beat the $40.1 billion in sales seen by traditional TV advertising.

Report: Internet Ad Spending to Reach $121 Billion
Global advertising spending is on track to grow 5.5% this year to $537 billion, with Internet ads accounting for nearly one-quarter of that figure, at $121 billion, according to forecasts from ZenithOptimedia. Also, Zenith predicts that by 2015 Internet display will overtake paid search.

Clear Channel to Take Interactive Billboards Global
Financial Times
Clear Channel Outdoor plans to equip 56,000 outdoor advertising sites around the world with "near-field communication" capabilities, transforming billboards into interactive "launch pads." Scanning smartphones over special tags on the billboards will deliver targeted ad messages.

Report: Digital Ad Spending Poised to Overtake TV
Media Life
Digital ad spending has overtaken radio, magazine and newspaper spending over the past few years. Now, it's poised to slip ahead of the one medium that has long been ahead of everything else. In 2018, digital's share will surpass television's, according to eMarketer.

CBS Unveils Digital Network in New York Subway
CBS Outdoor formally launched its new digital out-of-home network this week, based in New York City subway stations, with Turner Broadcasting as launch partner. The "digital underground" network includes 10 large digital dioramas in locations throughout the subway system.

Report: Mobile Ad Spend to Overtake Newspapers
Financial Times
U.K. advertising spending on mobile devices will overtake spending on newspapers this year for the first time, according to a report by eMarketer. The research group forecasts that in 2015, mobile will overtake all of print, including magazines. In 2016 it will overtake TV.

WPP Invests in Online Content Marketer Percolate
Financial Times
WPP is buying a minority stake in Percolate, an advertising technology company specializing in content for digital and social media. The investment highlights the strong demand from advertisers for new types of online content amid the proliferation of media.

U.S. Considers Limiting TV Ads' Lists of Drug Risks
Daily News
Are you tired of TV ads for prescription medicines that warn of nausea, insomnia and suicidal thoughts? So is the U.S. government. The Food and Drug Administration will begin a study to find if such lengthy verbal citations can be shortened to the benefit of tuned-out consumers.

'Addressable TV' Ads Target Specific Individuals
Associated Press
Addressable TV, an emerging technology, allows advertisers to pay some broadcasters to pinpoint specific homes. "With a traditional TV buy you can end up paying for a lot of eyeballs you don't care about. Addressable TV is a powerful tool for those that are equipped to use it."

P&G Holds Early Gold in Social Media at Olympics
USA Today
If there's a gold medal for social media, it would likely go to Procter & Gamble. The consumer product giant, maker of such familiar brands as Tide and Charmin, appears to be the most buzzed-about brand of the Sochi Games. At least, as measured by YouTube views.

Google in Ad Measurement Deal with comScore
USA Today
Google has entered a major advertising deal with comScore to help the Internet giant win more business from big brands. Google is integrating comScore's measurement technology into its DoubleClick ad business, letting advertisers track online ads in near real time.

Rubicon Files for $100 Million Internet-Ad IPO
Rubicon Project, whose online-advertising platform reaches 96% of Internet users in the United States, filed to raise $100 million in an initial public offering. The Los Angeles-based company plans to use the funds raised in the IPO for marketing and research and development.

Nielsen: Internet Ads Up as Old Media Takes a Hit
Spending on Internet advertising saw the fastest rise among marketing platforms last year, according to new research, as traditional media continued to suffer a decline. Display Internet ads were up 32% in the first three quarters of 2013, research by Nielsen has found.

Chart: Super Bowl Advertising Insanity Explained
What is it about the Super Bowl? Why does a single broadcast consistently command ever-increasing prices from advertisers? Among other reasons: Viewers don't change the channel when a commercial break comes on, compared to any other type of programming.

Forecast: Mobile Ad Spending to Reach $18 Billion
Information Age
Global mobile advertising spending will reach $18 billion in 2014, up from the estimated $13.1 billion in 2013, according to a forecast by Gartner. The market is expected to grow to $41.9 billion by 2017. Advertisers will show "a sustained interest in the mobile medium."

Twitter Makes TV Ads More Effective, Study Says
World Screen
Television advertising is more effective when combined with Twitter paid ads, according to a study by marketing analytics firm MarketShare. The study focused on new mobile service subscribers. "Twitter can be a force multiplier," said Twitter revenue chief Adam Bain.

Report: Native Advertising Set to Dominate Digital
Say goodbye to the stigma associated with native advertising. J.P. Morgan is predicting that native will take over digital channels in 2014. "We believe native ads are quickly becoming the de facto ad format on mobile. Native ads have significantly higher click-through rates."

Publicis Moving Ad Money to Spotify, LinkedIn
Where does the man about to run the world's new largest advertising agency see the biggest opportunity? "We are moving money to Spotify," said Maurice Levy, CEO of Publicis Groupe, adding that his brands are also working with LinkedIn to help grow their presence.

Survey: Super Bowl Ads Are Already Forgotten
Most of this year's Super Bowl commercials have already been forgotten. A survey of audience respondents, performed by marketing-research firm Db5, suggests they remembered less than 10% of Sunday's commercials. "The ad inventory is much bigger than human brain capacity."

Super Bowl 2014: Advertisers See Loss Yardage
Crain's New York
The cost of a Super Bowl commercial is up to a high of $4 million per 30 seconds. But many advertising execs say they are finding it increasingly difficult to spin that investment into gold. "When you look at social media, the luster is gone with this being some magical thing."

YouTube Impact Seen in Super Bowl Advertising
The Week
Super Bowl commercials used to be produced with the goal of standing out from the dozens of other ads airing during the big game. But a new strategy has emerged, which forgoes the scrum of Super Bowl Sunday in favor of going viral on the Internet nearly a week before kickoff.

Starcom MediaVest CEO on Top of Tech Trends
Laura Desmond, CEO of Starcom MediaVest, thinks wearable technology and connected cars will be a big trend. Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show, she said she sees Yahoo, Google and Twitter, plus Samsung, benefiting from the shift to mobile.

EMarketer: Total Media Ad Spending Up in 2013
New York Post
U.S. total media advertising spending in 2013 will grow 3.8% to $171.33 billion, according to a new report from eMarketer. A slight increase in spending is predicted for 2014 as well, with marketers allocating more dollars toward the Winter Olympics and other events.

Mobile Video Ads Expected to Take Off in 2014
Digital videos will continue to challenge television for advertising budgets as tablets give traditional TVs a run for their money as the primary screen that consumers choose to watch videos on, according to Tod Sacerdoti, CEO of video ad services company BrightRoll.

Study: Internet Ad Sales Hit Record $10.7 Billion
Advertisers spent $10.69 billion on Internet advertisements in this last quarter, breaking an all-time record, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau. "These figures reflect marketers' trust in interactive to deliver. It is indicative of the digital age in which we live."

WPP Buys Stake in Producer of Davos Conference
Martin Sorrell's WPP group has acquired a 30% stake in Richard Attias & Associates, the conference producer behind the annual meeting of political and business leaders in Davos in the Swiss Alps. New York-based RAA is also behind the World Economic Forum.

Report: TV's Grip on Global Ad Spending to End
Financial Times
Television's hold on advertising budgets is beginning to falter, as forecasts indicate TV's share of global ads is set to peak after three decades of growth. Digital media and the rise of online video are the top competitors for ad dollars. "There will be quite a lot of disruption."

U.S. Warns Native Ads Should Be 'Done Lawfully'
The growing use of "native advertising" may be illegal in some instances, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission has warned. "While native advertising may certainly bring some benefits to consumers, it has to be done lawfully." The agency is "likely to step in forcefully in this area."

WPP Merges Units Bid for Scale in Programmatic Ads
Advertising Age
WPP is merging two tech units in a bid to act as middleman between publishers and advertisers as they increasingly move budgets to "programmatic" advertising, where ads are priced and bought in real time, often cutting agencies out in the process.

Report: Native Ads to Drive Digital Media Growth
New York Post
The Interactive Advertising Bureau is releasing its white paper on native advertising. "Native advertising is going to fuel the growth of digital media, but we may never be able to bucket it out,” said IAB's Peter Minnium, adding that nailing down a precise dollar amount is difficult.

WPP CEO Sorrell Sees Better Ad Growth in 2014
Dow Jones
WPP CEO Martin Sorrell said he expected the advertising market to improve slightly. He said the last quarter of the year looked encouraging, adding that the current business climate was "tough but manageable," as clients remain careful about marketing budgets.

Nielsen to Acquire Harris Interactive for $117 Million
Associated Press
Nielsen has agreed to buy market research firm Harris Interactive for about $116.6 million. John Lewis, president of the Americas for Nielsen, said in a statement that the acquisition adds to the company's existing capabilities and will provide growth opportunities in other industry sectors.

Nielsen CEO Calhoun Heading to Private Equity
Dave Calhoun earlier this month announced plans to step down as CEO of Nielsen. Now we know his next stop: The Blackstone Group, one of six private equity firms that purchased Nielsen in 2006. Calhoun will lead Blackstone's private equity portfolio management group.

Nielsen: TV Maintains Dominance as Ad Medium
World Screen
TV held onto its position as the front-running media format for advertising for the second quarter of 2013, Nielsen said. Excluding TV, traditional media budgets took a hit for the first half of the year. "Consumers reportedly trust TV over all other paid media channels."

Report: Internet Ad Revenue Reaches $20 Billion
Internet advertising revenue reached $20.1 billion in the first half of the year, up 18.2% over the first half of last year, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Revenue from mobile ads soared to $3.0 billion in the period; online video spending totaled $1.3 billion.

Nielsen: Global Ad Spend Up in First Half of 2013
World Screen
Global advertising spending increased 2.8% on a year-over-year basis for the first half of 2013, according to a Nielsen report, which found that Latin America had the highest increase in spending for the period. All regions contributed to the global growth, except Europe.

Report: Consumer Groups Spend on Mobile Ads
Financial Times
Consumer goods companies have displaced entertainment groups as the biggest buyers of advertising on mobile devices in the U.K., according to data prepared for the Internet Advertising Bureau by PwC. The rise reflects the increase in smartphone usage by shoppers.

Nielsen Closes $1.3 Billion Acquisition of Arbitron
Baltimore Business
Nielsen has completed its $1.3 billion acquisition of Arbitron, the radio ratings research company. Arbitron will be rebranded as Nielsen Audio. With the deal done, Nielsen said it will now be able to measure eight hours per day of a person's media consumption.

ZenithOptimedia: Digital, Mobile Ads to See Growth
Spending on global advertising will see steady growth of 3.5% to reach $503 billion by the end of the year, and the amount going into Internet advertising will continue to get larger, according to ZenithOptimedia. "After years of hype, mobile advertising has finally arrived."

Study: Digital to Reach 1/4 of Global Ad Spending
According to a forecast released by eMarketer and Starcom MediaVest, spending on digital advertising will increase 13% to $117.6 billion globally this year, accounting for 22.7% of all ad spending. Next year, digital's share is expected to reach nearly a full quarter, 24.4%.

WPP Is Not an Advertising Company, Sorrell Says
The rise of data has changed the media world, so much so that WPP head Martin Sorrell doesn't want his company to be mentioned in the same breath as "advertising." Rather, WPP wants to be seen as more of a data company. "We’ve moved on from the days of 'Mad Men.' "

Nielsen to Add Data for Twitter, Mobile TV Viewing
Wall Street Journal
Nielsen next week will announce plans to augment its TV ratings data with information on viewing on tablets and smartphones. The change won't take effect until next fall's TV season, however. Nielsen also plans to roll out a planned Twitter-related ratings service on Sept. 30.

FTC to Probe 'Sponsored Content' Digital Media Ads
The Hill
The Federal Trade Commission said it plans to examine the growing field of "sponsored content." The U.S. agency will hold a workshop on the ads, which look similar to stories posted on news sites and have become more common as media look for new ways to make money.

Nielsen: TV Viewers Use Twitter During Commercials
Good news for TV programmers: TV viewers use Twitter during their TV programming, according to analysts. The bad news? Many are also tweeting during commercials. A Nielsen study found that many of those who tweeted did so during TV commercial time.

Kantar: TV Continues to Lead 2013 U.S. Ad Market
World Screen
Total advertising spending in the second quarter of 2013 increased 3.5% from the year-ago figures, finishing the period at $35.8 billion, with TV seeing growth of 6.4%, according to Kantar Media. The TV sector was helped in part by post-season basketball games.

WPP Weighing Options as Bigger Rival Emerges
Financial Times
Martin Sorrell has made his views clear. In the wake of the agreed merger between Publicis and Omnicom, which will create the world's largest advertising group by revenues, the highly acquisitive CEO of WPP has said he has no intention of following suit.

Nielsen Report Says Trust in Online Ads Increasing
Consumer trust in online advertising is increasing, according to a report from Nielsen. The report reveals that consumers globally are increasingly turning to online media for more information about brands. In fact, trust in ads on branded websites reached 69% in 2013.

Publicis Names New CEO of Publicis Worldwide
Dow Jones
Publicis, in the midst of merger with U.S. advertising firm Omnicom, has named a new chief executive for its largest advertising network. Arthur Sadoun — a rising star in the French group — has been promoted to CEO of the Paris-headquartered Publicis Worldwide.

Nielsen-Arbitron Deal Wins U.S. Antitrust Approval
Nielsen has won U.S. approval for a $1.6 billion deal to buy Arbitron, a company that dominates radio ratings measurement. The Federal Trade Commission said that Nielsen has agreed to sell and license some assets related to Arbitron's cross-platform as a condition.

Advertising Week Kicks Off with Focus on New Tech
Advertising Week, the annual gathering of marketing and media execs, marks its 10th anniversary in New York City this week, with many sessions focusing on topics like "native ads" and "hashtag targeting." Ten years ago, "there was no BuzzFeed, no HuffPost, no Twitter."

EMarketer Revises Forecast Up on Mobile Ads
U.S. digital advertising spending will reach $42.26 billion this year, up 14.9% over last year's spending, according to a newly revised forecast from eMarketer. The company made the adjustment largely due to a revision in its mobile ad spending forecast.

WPP Targets 45% of Revenues to Come from Digital
Martin Sorrell has set an ambitious target in WPP's race to maintain its digital edge over rivals, aiming for as much as 45% of the marketing services giant's revenues to come from digital sources by 2018. Sorrell unveiled the target on his debut post on LinkedIn.

Millennial Media Buys Jumptap to Help Fight Google
Mobile advertising firm Millennial Media plans to acquire smaller mobile firm Jumptap for some $200 million. Millennial is now the leading independent player in mobile ads outside of Google. Adding Jumptap to its portfolio will give Millennial even more firepower.

Facebook, Twitter Race to Siphon TV Ad Budgets
Financial Times
While Facebook and Twitter race to capture a portion of the advertising dollars going to TV, marketers believe the two social networks will end up fighting it out for the same slice of the pie that is set aside for online. Marketers see ads based on conversations as risky.

Twitter 'Weird' Subculture Pushing Back on Ads
Wall Street Journal
Members of a burgeoning Twitter subculture known as Weird Twitter post tweets in a purposefully nonsensical code that is meant to satirize the growing presence of marketers on the popular social network. In the minds of some fans, Twitter is a victim of its success.

P&G Shifts Marketing Dollars to Online, Mobile
Wall Street Journal
Procter & Gamble has begun spending more than a third of its U.S. marketing budget on digital media, an aggressive shift as Americans for the first time are expected to spend more time online this year than watching TV. "We want to be where the consumer is."

Facebook to Sell TV-Style Ads for $2.5 Million Each
Facebook, seeking to break the long-held dominance of television over advertising budgets, is said to be planning to sell TV-style commercials on its site for as much as $2.5 million a day. The new service would let marketers buy their way into a Facebook user's news feed.

Interpublic in Focus After Publicis-Omnicom Deal
Wall Street Journal
Madison Avenue's mega-merger between Publicis and Omnicom could spark a new consolidation wave in advertising. Many eyes are on Interpublic, the fourth-largest ad-holding company. "There's no telling what might take place," said Interpublic CEO Michael Roth.

Publicis-Omnicom Deal to Oust Adland King Sorrell
The transatlantic tie-up of Publicis and Omnicom pushes the reigning king of adland, WPP's Martin Sorrell, into a new role: runner up. "What will WPP say in a world where they're not the biggest? A version of Omnicom agency DDB's line: When you're only No. 2, you try harder?"

WPP Chief Sees More Deals After Publicis Omnicom
Martin Sorrell, head of WPP, currently the world's No. 1 ad group, has congratulated long-time rival Maurice Levy of Publicis on persuading Omnicom to merge, adding that further industry consolidation was inevitable. "It's an extremely bold, brave and surprising move."

'OmniPub' May Take On Tech Titans in Digital Ads
USA Today
The Omnicom-Publicis monster merger could send rumblings throughout the digital-advertising landscape. While Google is the world's biggest digital-ad network — and Facebook has shown gains in mobile ads — the specter of "OmniPub" could eventually change all that.

Publicis, Omnicom to Create Ad Giant in Merger
Publicis and Omnicom plan to merge in an all-stock deal to create the world's largest advertising company, toppling market leader WPP. Publicis CEO Maurice Levy and Omnicom's John Wren will become co-CEOs. The companies have a combined market value of $35 billion.

Google, Yahoo Warned Against 'Deceptive' Ads
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has a message for Google, Yahoo and other Internet search companies: Make sure online advertising is clearly distinguished from regular web-search results. Failing to do so could be seen as "a deceptive practice."

Google Mobile Ads Forecast to See Big Payoff
Associated Press
Google will sell more mobile advertising than the rest of its rivals combined for the second straight year, according to a new forecast that highlights the expansion of the Internet giant's moneymaking prowess from personal computers to smartphones and tablets.

Nielsen Tests Measurement of Live TV on Mobiles
Los Angeles Times
TV ratings firm Nielsen, long criticized for being slow to measure media consumption on tablets and smartphones, said it achieved a breakthrough in a two-week technical trial in which it successfully captured viewing on mobile devices. "We are trying to keep up."

Report: U.S. Online Advertising Up in First Quarter
Associated Press
New figures show Internet advertising in the U.S. is still growing at a robust clip. A report released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers says U.S. advertisers poured $9.6 billion into their campaigns during the first three months of the year.

Advertiser Sparks Racial Backlash on YouTube
Daily News
Cheerios was forced to pull comments from its YouTube page after a commercial for the cereal featuring an interracial family reportedly prompted a string of messages about racial genocide and Nazis. The half-minute ad attracted more than 250,000 views.

Report: Online Video Ads More Effective Than TV
Advertising pros admit the tide of ads is changing. Some 75% of ad agency execs said that online video ads are more effective than traditional TV ads, according to a report from eMarketer. Consumers have a "seemingly endless demand for online video."

PR Pros Flummoxed by Evolving Media Landscape
PR Week
Media relations pros are being challenged by the pace of the evolving media world. Journalists and bloggers are more often rehashing what has already been reported. "What's an exclusive anymore?" A news outlet "might have the story exclusively for five minutes."

Nielsen's Slow Shift to the Web Hinders TV Networks
Broadcast and cable networks like CBS and Nickelodeon are failing to get paid for surging web audiences because those viewers are almost invisible to Nielsen. The dominant ratings measurement firm has been accused of being slow to count audiences on tablets and smartphones.

TV Ad Sales Threatened by Fragmented Audience
New York Post
The rapid rise of time-shifted viewing — driven by DVRs, video-on-demand options and mobile devices — has decimated TV ratings in the first quarter and threatens to drag down the annual ad-sales season. Total primetime commercial ratings fell 8% across the board.

Nielsen Gets Digital to Track Online TV Viewers
Wall Street Journal
Nielsen is testing a tool to measure online viewing of TV shows. TV networks are expected to use the tool to track viewership of programs on their own websites. The new technology is hoped to become the standard to measure viewing on sites like Hulu, YouTube, Yahoo and AOL.

ZenithOptimedia: Online Video, Social Ads to Grow
Financial Times
Global advertising markets will grow 3.9% in 2013, according to the latest benchmark analysis from ZenithOptimedia. Internet advertising will remain the fastest-growing medium this year, propelled by rapid rises in online video and social media ads, the media buying agency said.

WPP Chief Eyes Tech Deals Amid Media Change
WPP is eyeing investments and acquisitions in technologies that power media buying, according to CEO Martin Sorrell. "We're not just 'Mad Men,' we're maths men as well," he said. "We're starting to get involved with the chief information officers and chief technology officers."

Report: TV Regarded as Most Effective Ad Medium
World Screen
Television accounted for 62.8% of the total global advertising dollars taken in for 2012, according to Nielsen's quarterly Global AdView Pulse report. TV was again dominant, while spending on newspapers and magazines took a hit. Display Internet ads showed growth.

Advertisers Embracing 'Brand Publishing' Trend
Washington Post
Dozens of companies, including Boeing, General Electric, Pepsi, American Express and Verizon Wireless, are becoming their own publishers, creating and distributing "content" — articles, videos, photos — that would be right at home in a traditional newspaper or magazine.

Report: Digital Ad Revenue Climbs to $36 Billion
Digital advertising revenue in the United States increased 15% to $36.6 billion hitting a record, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Advertisers turned mostly to search ads, the format that dominated almost half of total spending representing 46.3% at $16.9 billion.

TV Ad Market Outlook Muted by Lower Ratings
Wall Street Journal
Broadcast-TV ratings have dropped sharply this season. And that, combined with the weak economy and competition from other media, augurs badly for the spring ad-sales market. Some analysts predict broadcast networks' take will be steady to slightly lower.

WPP, Ford Apologize for Ads Showing Bondage
Ford Motor and WPP, its advertising agency, have apologized for ads in India depicting women in bondage. One of the ads features scantily clad women gagged, bound and crammed into the back of the Ford Figo. The ads "should never have been created," said WPP.

Advertisers Launching Branded Online Magazines
More and more marketers and ad agencies are launching their own online publications to directly compete with traditional magazines. Degree deodorant's The Adrenalist website offers content on the "coolest adventures, extreme sports, speed, gear and gadgets."

Nielsen: Cord-Cutters Are 'Zero TV' Households
LA Biz
Nielsen is working hard to track the cord-cutters. The TV ratings service is calling them "zero TV" households, but it's a bit of a misnomer. While most of these households do own a TV, the set is not connected to a cable or satellite service but to the Internet.

Twitter, Facebook Ads Must Show Disclosures
USA Today
Ads on Twitter, Facebook and other mobile sites must be accompanied by disclosures to avoid deceptive practices, according to a rule update by the Federal Trade Commission. The new rule recognizes "the expanding use of smartphones and the rise of social-media marketing."

WPP Chief: Twitter Not an Advertising Medium
The Wall
Twitter is "a PR medium," according to Martin Sorrell, CEO of global advertising agency giant WPP Group. "It's very effective word of mouth. But I think because it's limited in terms of number of characters, it reduces communication to superficialities and lacks depth."

Nielsen: Measuring TV Viewers Getting Harder
Associated Press
Are you "watching TV" when you stream an episode of "Downton Abbey" on a tablet device? Every Tuesday, Nielsen publishes a popularity ranking of broadcast TV programs that serves as the industry's report card. And every week, that list gets less and less meaningful.

P&G: We're Moving Ad Money From TV to Digital
Business Courier
Procter & Gamble is streamlining its advertising messages and moving money from TV to digital, said CFO Jon Moeller, speaking at a conference in Boca Raton, Fla. The consumer-goods giant is "increasingly developing fewer, bigger creative ideas that travel around the world."

Survey: Digital Ad Spend to Surpass Old Media
A survey of ad agencies by ad transaction processor Strata indicates that digital media may eclipse traditional advertising in the near future. Nearly one-third of respondents expect to spend more on digital than on traditional media within the next three years. Print "continues its free fall."

Report: Internet Ad Revenues Up Despite Economy
Internet advertising revenues reached $9.3 billion in the third quarter, up 18% over the year-earlier period, said the Interactive Advertising Bureau. "Growth in Internet ad revenue despite economic head winds is a testament to the value marketers get from using digital media."

Nielsen: Does a Tablet Count as a Household?
If a viewer watches a TV show on a tablet, should that be reflected in its Nielsen rating? That's a question at the heart of a complicated decision Nielsen hopes to make by the end of the first quarter regarding a new definition for what constitutes a TV household.

Study: Big Advertisers Are Ignoring Online Video
Only about 12% of the biggest buyers of national TV ads also buy ads to run during online video programming, according to a study by researcher Kantar Media. The firm found that among more than 4,100 brands that use either medium, 77% of them used national TV ads exclusively.

WPP, Publicis Ratchet Down Ad Growth Forecasts
Wall Street Journal
WPP, Publicis and Interpublic have revised down their projections for 2013 global advertising spending growth, citing economic troubles in Europe and lackluster conditions in the United States. "Sectors such as automotive and financial services have not yet totally recovered."

Forecast: Ad Growth in Social Media to Continue
U.S. social media advertising revenue is expected to reach $9.2 billion by 2016, up from $4.6 billion this year, according to media research company BIA/Kelsey. Social ads will be driven by display, such as Facebook's marketplace ads and YouTube's multiple display units.

BIA/Kelsey Forecasts Slower Growth for Online Media
By 2016 local online, interactive and digital advertising revenue will reach $38.1 billion, according to BIA/Kelsey's latest U.S. local media forecast. The sluggish economy has led the analyst firm to lower its projections. BIA/Kelsey also forecasts that new forms of ads will drive demand.

Forrester: Online Paid-Content Poses Threat to Ads
The rise of tablets and smartphones will help grow the online paid-content market 65% a year by 2017, with consumer spending on digital news rocketing 77%, according to a report by research firm Forrester. The rise of paid-for services "could limit advertising opportunities."

Facebook Starts Test of Mobile Advertising Network
Advertising Age
Facebook has taken another step toward building a web-wide advertising network, putting itself on a collision course with Google and Apple for mobile-ad revenue. Facebook will start testing ads on third-party mobile apps, launching what is essentially a mobile-ad network.

Dish Network, DirecTV to Air 'Addressable' TV Ads
Advertising Age
Allstate is taking widely available consumer data, along with subscriber information from Dish Network and DirecTV, and using all this to pinpoint renters in its new commercials. If the subscriber is a homeowner, the commercial is not supposed to appear on the TV screen.

WPP Sees Google Rivaling Traditional Media Giants
Financial Times
Google is poised to rival traditional media owners such as News Corp., Viacom and CBS in sharing the more than $70 billion in advertising dollars WPP spends each year, said Martin Sorrell, CEO of the world's largest ad group. Google remains "our strongest partner" in digital.

Report: TV Ad Campaigns Fail to Reach Audiences
Financial Times
As much as 75% of TV advertising is viewed by just 20% of its target audience, according to a report by ad targeter Simulmedia. Unilever's $6.3 million TV ad campaign for its Axe body spray was not seen by 60% of the 18 to 24-year-olds it was intended to reach, the report said.

Advertisers Cautious of Move to Mobile Devices
Financial Times
Internet users may be flocking to mobile devices, but profits have been scarce as many advertisers remain wary of the new medium. For now, advertising rates are "terrible," with CPMs running at 35 to 40 cents. Most Internet execs claim that this is a temporary state of affairs.

Report: Digital Ads to Surpass Newspapers' This Year
Media Week
This year, not the next, will be the point at which digital overtakes newspapers' share of the global advertising market to become the second largest medium, according to the latest forecast from Carat. Digital will take a 15.3% share this year with newspapers at 14.4%.

Nielsen: Digital Leads Global Rise in Ad Spending
Global spending on advertising across most media is growing, with digital seeing the largest boost, according to a report from Nielsen. However, North American magazine advertising was down 5.3% in the first quarter, while newspaper ad spending dropped 2.1%.

Report: TV Stations 'Super-Gouge' Super-PACs
This autumn, when political candidates and groups will be demanding ad space, super-PACs can expect TV stations to begin charging what media consultant Peter Fenn calls "super-gouge rates" of as much as four times what candidates pay. "Stations are rabid for this money."

Twitter is Still Explaining Itself to Big Advertisers
Twitter won't talk publicly about its efforts to sell advertising. But one can get a glimpse of what the microblogging service is doing via a pitch deck it recently used to woo a big publicly traded company. Twitter "is still doing lots of basic explaining about what it is and how it works."

MagnaGlobal, ZenithOptimedia Revise Ad Outlooks
Two major media forecasters, MagnaGlobal and ZenithOptimedia, have downgraded their global advertising estimates for the year. MagnaGlobal attributes the downgrade to Western Europe's "shaky economy." ZenithOptimedia sees advertisers becoming more cautious.

IAB: Internet Ad Revenues Hit Record $8.4 Billion
Next Web
Internet advertising revenues set a new record in the first quarter of 2012, totaling some $8.4 billion during the three month period, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau. "More online consumers than ever are taking to the Internet to navigate their daily lives."

Mobile Ads Eluding Facebook, Other Businesses
USA Today
Mobile advertising will be crucial to the growth of many companies, including the newly public Facebook, though few businesses have been able to capitalize on the promise. Some speculate that the popularity of such devices, in part, comes from their lack of ads.

Facebook: Jury Still Out as Ad Medium, Execs Say
General Motors' decision to stop advertising on Facebook may be a wake-up call for the No. 1 social network, but leading advertising execs say it is far too early to know if the site will take off as an ad platform. "There's a lot of potential but it's not a slam-dunk."

Amazon Sells Ads on Kindle Fire Welcome Screen
Advertising Age
Amazon is said to be pitching ads on the welcome screen of the Kindle Fire device, its best-selling product. Amazon has been telling ad agency execs that they must spend about $600,000 for any package that includes such an ad. The ad campaigns would run for two months.

Dish Responds to Criticism of Ad-Skipping DVR
Dish Network said it has "respect" for broadcast networks after executives at NBC and Fox questioned the company's motive for letting subscribers automatically skip ads. The second-largest U.S. satellite-TV service has "respect for the advertising model."

Nielsen: TV Holds Lion's Share of Ad Dollars
Nielsen Wire
American advertisers and consumers have a huge appetite for television, as TV holds the lion's share of ad dollars and consumers' media time, according to Nielsen. Ad spending for TV reached $72 billion in 2011, more than all other ad platforms combined.

Study: Mobile Ad Revenue to Reach $11.6 Billion
Mobile advertising revenue will reach some $11.6 billion this year, up 85.4% over last year, according to a new forecast from Strategy Analytics. The report projects that 125 million Americans will access social networks via mobile handsets in 2012.

Internet Ad Revenue Totals $31 Billion in 2011
The Interactive Advertising Bureau's Internet Advertising Report, prepared by PwC U.S., reveals that digital advertising revenue totaled $31 billion in 2011. That represents an increase of 22% over 2010. Mobile advertising was the fastest growing segment.

Spotify Signs Ad Deal with Coca-Cola, Others
Spotify has signed new advertising deals with AT&T, McDonalds, Intel, and Reebok and a worldwide ad deal with Coca-Cola. The digital music service will create "brand apps" that will live inside Spotify's desktop. Also, rumors about a public offering are circulating.

IAB: Skippable Video Ads Coming to the Web
Advertising Age
The Interactive Advertising Bureau, which helps set uniform standards for online advertising, is adding a new format to the mix: video ads that you can skip. In doing so, the IAB is offering support for publishers who believe consumers should be able to skip irrelevant ads.

Nielsen: Traditional Media Ad Trust Dropping
While 92% of consumers say they trust word-of-mouth recommendations, less than half trust paid ads in traditional media outlets, according to a new survey by Nielsen. The trust in ads in "old media" outlets has declined by more than 20% since 2009.

Nielsen: People Use TV, Tablets at Same Time
Do you check e-mail while you watch TV? Nielsen's poll of mobile users in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and Italy discovered that people are increasingly checking e-mail or searching for program or product information on their tablets and phones while watching TV.

ABC, Nielsen Partner to Measure iPad Usage
Disney-ABC Television and Nielsen have unveiled a collaboration to measure iPad usage, a move reflecting an urgency to understand the device's impact on media consumption. The little data available on tablet video consumption is seen as a testament to its potential.

Procter & Gamble Shifts More Ads to Magazines
Business Courier
Procter & Gamble, the nation's biggest advertiser, is shifting some of its marketing dollars from TV to magazines. "While TV is still the foundation of its advertising media buys, P&G's 2011 budget allocation saw share gains for magazines at the expense of TV."

Google's Spending on Traditional Ads Grows
Wall Street Journal
Google is spending big sums on TV, magazine and newspaper ads to promote new services, including its Google+ social network and Chrome web browser. Google's ad-spending as a percentage of revenue is now almost on par with rivals Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo.

Twitter Rolls Out Small Business Ad Program
Next Web
Twitter has launched its advertising program specifically aimed at small businesses with an American Express card. The program appears to be designed as a test run for rolling out advertising options suited to smaller businesses on a larger scale.

BIA/Kelsey: Digital to Outpace Traditional Ads
Digital advertising growth will offset a slowdown in local ad growth as marketers target consumers online, specifically mobile devices, according to a new forecast from BIA/Kelsey. This growth will significantly outpace overall media revenues.

Nielsen to Measure TV, Online Ads Together
New York Times
Nielsen said it is ready to sell what many advertisers have been clamoring for: a system that standardizes ratings for TV and online ads. "This is a major breakthrough." The new system will combine Nielsen's existing TV ratings with its new online ratings.

Carat: Digital Ad Spending to Overtake Print
Financial Times
Global digital advertising spending will outstrip newspapers' print revenues for the first time next year, according to forecasts from Aegis Group's Carat media agency, leaving traditional publications scrambling. Globally, television is expected to continue robust growth.

NAA: Newspaper Ad Revenues Continue to Fall
News & Tech
Advertising revenues at U.S. newspapers fell again in 2011, according to the Newspaper Association of America. The industry posted $23.9 billion in ad revenues, down 7.3% from 2010. American newspaper ad revenues have fallen by more than 50% since 2005.

Nielsen: Consumers Will Pay for Tablet Content
As developers try to work out how to get consumers to buy more of their products on mobile devices, numbers from Nielsen reveal what people are willing to pay for on tablets. The upshot: paid content is alive and well. But some media categories do better than others.

ZenithOptimedia: Global Ad Spending Grows Stronger
Global advertising spending will tick up 4.8% this year to $489 billion with Latin America and Asia making up for weaker demand in recession-hit Europe, according to ZenithOptimedia. The United States will remain by far and away the world's biggest ad market.

Kantar: Broadcast, Cable Control Media Market
According to a new report from Kantar Media, television stood alone in the fourth quarter of 2011, leading the advertising market with gains of 3.1% versus the year-ago period. This ran counter to how the other major segments — including digital media — fared.

Twitter Plans Adding E-Commerce to Brand Pages
Advertising Age
Big changes are coming to Twitter's "brand pages," the landing pages the company offers to some marketers. Launched in December, the pages show the brand's Twitter feed and images, but Twitter plans to add e-commerce, contests and sweepstakes.

Nielsen, Unilever Partner for Digital Measurement
Nielsen plans to partner with Unilever for U.S. online advertising ratings over the next year. The idea is to bring the TV advertising concept of "ratings points" to the web. Nielsen will give Unilever various measures for the impact of the company's campaigns.

Forrester: Embrace Social Media or Risk Biz Death
ClickZ News
Some 59% of execs believe businesses that do not routinely leverage social media will not survive, according to a new survey by Forrester Research. And 71% said companies taking social media seriously gain a competitive business advantage, the survey found.

WPP: We Will Spend $400 Million with Facebook
WPP, the world's largest advertising agency holding company, will spend $400 million with Facebook this year, doubling what it spent last year. This figure comes nowhere near the $2 billion it will spend with Google in 2012, but that is because "Google is more powerful right now."

Report: U.S. Advertising Spending to Improve in 2012
Direct Marketing News
Total U.S. advertising spending is expected to increase 2.7% to $152.1 billion in 2012, according to research firm Strategy Analytics. The growth will be led by online advertising, expected to grow 6.7% to $27.4 billion. Print advertising is forecast to decline 1.5%.

Nielsen Dubs Connected Youth 'Generation C'
USA Today
The Internet generation is living up to its billing. Those ages 18-34, dubbed "Generation C" by Nielsen because they are constantly connected, make up 23% of the U.S. population, but account for 39% of smartphone owners and 33% of tablet owners.

ComScore: Mobile Media Has 'Hit the Mainstream'
Fourth Source
Smartphones hit the mainstream in 2011, and tablets emerged as a formidable fourth screen — while in 2012 we can expect to see the device landscape shaken up even further, according to comScore. "Mobile channels present a more ubiquitous experience."

Report: Advertisers Spend Too Much on Print Media
Next Web
The advertising industry still doesn't seem to understand the potential of mobile, according to a report by mobile analytics firm Flurry. Money continues to pour into print, radio and TV, despite the fact that web and mobile platforms offer highly trackable results.

Internet Giants Planning 'Upfront' Ad Sales Event
Wall Street Journal
Major online media companies, including Google, Yahoo, Hulu and AOL, are planning an "upfront" ad sales event in April, elbowing in on TV's territory. The event comes as more companies create web video programming. "We need to show there is a new game in town."

Twitter Unveils Self-Service Advertising System
Associated Press
Buying ads on Twitter is about to get easier for small businesses as the online messaging service adds a key piece to its moneymaking model. Twitter has unveiled an automated system that will enable advertisers to manage campaigns without having to deal with sales reps.

Ogilvy & Mather Starts Practice on Social Media
New York Times
Ogilvy & Mather, one of the biggest advertising agencies, has opened a social media unit, called Social@Ogilvy, aiming to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of marketer clients. The unit will be headed by Ogilvy veteran John Bell. "Social has become a huge priority."

Study: Traditional News Lags in Online Advertising
Los Angeles Times
Traditional media outlets "have had little success" getting advertisers to move from their legacy businesses to their online news sites, according to a new study by the Project for Excellence in Journalism. Also, few of the ads they create for the web are targeted to customers.

Procter & Gamble to Cut 5,700 Jobs, Ad Budget
Cincinnati Enquirer
Procter & Gamble plans to trim its workforce by 5,700 jobs over the next year. The job cuts are part of $10 billion in savings the company wants to achieve by 2015, as it deals with limited sales growth. Other savings will come from cutting back on advertising.

Jeremy Lin Files Request to Trademark 'Linsanity'
Jeremy Lin wants to own the term "Linsanity." Lin, who has rejuvenated the New York Knicks, moved to take control of the catch phrase, filing an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. "Linsanity points uniquely and unmistakably to him."

Publicis: U.S. Digital Revenues to Overtake Media
Financial Times
Digital revenues from Publicis Groupe's U.S. business are set to overtake those from traditional advertising this year, a first for a leading marketing services group in the world's largest media market. "We will grow to a certain degree on par with the digital market."

P&G to Cut Ad Costs by Shifting to Digital
Procter & Gamble plans to lower its promotion costs by leaning more on digital media, said CEO Bob McDonald. The consumer goods giant has historically spent 9%-11% on advertising. However, "Facebook, Google and others can be much more efficient."

Forrester: Mobile Commerce to Skyrocket in 2012
If 2011 was seen as the year e-tail exploded, it was a mere precursor to what is expected in 2012. Mobile commerce spending on smartphones is expected to reach $10 billion this year, according to Forrester Research, and this projection doesn't even include tablet shopping.

MagnaGlobal Revises U.S. Ad Forecast Upwards
U.S. ad revenue will grow by 3.7% this year over last year, according to a revised forecast by MagnaGlobal. U.S. political advertising and the Summer Olympics will help increase ad revenue this year. Internet advertising will be the fastest-growing media category.

Report: Online Ads to Beat Print for First Time
Online advertising will edge out print in total spending this year, according to eMarketer. While it said that online dollars have already outstripped newspapers and magazines separately, the announcement marks the first time digital is projected to surpass the two combined.

Study: 31% of Online Display Ads Go Unseen
Thirty-one percent of ad impressions are never seen by consumers, according to research by comScore. "The display advertising market today is characterized by an overabundance of inventory, often residing on parts of a web page that are never viewed."

Conde Nast Ads to Offer Mobile E-Commerce
ClickZ News
Glamour magazine plans to run print ads in March allowing readers to purchase items with a scan of their smart phone. The Conde Nast property isn't revealing advertisers for the issue yet, but suggests there is no shortage of interest from brands and retailers.

Twitter: Journos Are 'Obsessed,' Not Advertisers
Financial Times
Twitter is more of a journalistic than a marketing phenomenon, according to WPP digital exec Mark Read. "Newspaper editors and people in the media are obsessed" with the microblogging service. Some advertisers, however, give Twitter and its products mixed reviews.

ComScore: Online Holiday Spending Up 15%
U.S. online sales for the 2011 holiday season rose 15% to hit an all-time high, according to comScore. Retail e-commerce sales reached $37.2 billion, compared to $32.4 billion a year ago, with growth outpacing that of traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Facebook Readies First Foray Into Mobile Ads
Facebook is said to be planning its first push into mobile advertising by the end of March, giving the company a fresh source of revenue ahead of a possible IPO. An idea being considered is putting Facebook's sponsored stories ads within the mobile news feed.

Google Owns Nearly Half of Online Ad Market
When it comes to online advertising, there's Google and then there's not much else. That's the takeaway from a new survey from ZenithOptimedia. The search giant gobbled up 44.1% of the global Internet advertising market share in 2010, up from 41.9% the previous year.

Nielsen, ComScore Bury Patent-Spat Hatchet
Washington Business
Nielsen and comScore have settled their patent dispute. The two market-measuring firms will enter into a cross-licensing deal allowing each to use the technology of the other, among other agreements. Nielsen had claimed that comScore infringed on its software.

FCC: Turn Down Volume on TV Commercials
CBS News
The Federal Communications Commission has voted unanimously to approve rules implementing legislation to make it illegal for advertisers to pump up the volume during TV commercial breaks. Americans have protested for years that commercials are too loud.

Internet Ad Spending to Surpass Newspapers
San Jose Business
The Internet's share of global advertising revenue still trails newspapers but that may change in 2013. ZenithOptimedia projects that newspaper ad revenue will decline by about 6% to $88.8 billion by 2013, while Internet advertising will grow by almost 53% to $97.7 billion.

Zenith to Cut Global Ad Spending Forecasts
Financial Times
Europe's economic crisis is dragging down the outlook for the global advertising industry, according to ZenithOptimedia, forecasting growth of just 4.7% in 2012. Encouraged by U.S. activities, however, Zenith has raised its 2012 forecast for North America to 3.6%.

Facebook NYC Expansion Includes Ad Talent
ClickZ News
Facebook has announced plans to expand its New York City operations to include engineers. Tucked into COO Sheryl Sandberg's comments were her brief remarks that Facebook would also expand its advertising sales and marketing team on Madison Avenue.

Y&R to Leave Madison Avenue After 25 Years
New York Times
Y&R, which was Young & Rubicam when it opened its doors in 1926 at 285 Madison Avenue, plans to move to 3 Columbus Circle, near Time Warner Center and the Hearst tower. Said CEO David Sable: "We're in a business of innovation, we're in a business of renewal."

IAB: Online Ad Revenue Rises in 'New Paradigm'
U.S. online advertising revenues hit $7.88 billion for the third quarter of 2011, representing a 22% increase over last year, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau. "Brand marketers recognize that their messages need to be where their consumers are spending time."

BIA/Kelsey: U.S. Radio to See Digital Ad Growth
Washington Business
Advertising revenue at U.S. radio stations will continue to rise in the next five years, though it may take until 2015 to return to pre-recession levels, according to a forecast from media consulting firm BIA/Kelsey. Ad revenue from websites and digital are the fastest growing segment.

Facebook Woos Big Brand Advertisers from TV
Facebook is employing dozens of data geeks to mine the millions of "likes" and photos shared every day on the social network. "We want marketers to know that when they invest in Facebook, they're going to see measurable impact in the same way they know TV works."

Ad Spending Loses Steam as Economy Sputters
Wall Street Journal
Evidence is mounting that U.S. advertising spending, under pressure from a sputtering economy, has begun to slip. There are even signs that national television, which has been one of the most resilient sectors of the ad marketplace, has begun to see slower growth.

TV Ad Revenues Stir Worries as Ratings Drop
Los Angeles Times
Seismic shifts in advertising spending are continuing to roil the media industry. Lower ratings for TV programs have become a concern. Several new NBC shows have bombed. "Without football, NBC's ratings would be approaching basic cable channel levels."

Social Media Taking Ad Dollars from TV, Print
A study by Booz & Company in partnership with Buddy Media explored where social media is pulling advertising spending. Digital is the largest well drawn from today, but other traditional channels — television, magazines and newspapers — are losing ad dollars as well.

Hulu Makes Play for TV's Political Ad Dollars
Advertising Age
Television continues to be the sledgehammer of political campaigns, with even the most digital-oriented candidates only spending about 10% of their media budgets online. But that percentage is expected to inch upward in 2012, and sites like Hulu stand to benefit.

HarperCollins Mulls Interactive Ads for Books
New Media Age
News Corp.'s HarperCollins plans to make its first foray into interactive online advertising as the publisher prepares to explore digital ads for books. Certain book categories, such as information guides, "could provide valuable real estate for contextual advertising."

Google+, Facebook: Consumers Don't Like Ads
Financial Times
Most consumers are uncomfortable with the amount of commercial messages they see on social networks, according to a study by TNS, even as Facebook and Google+ introduce more brand advertising. "Misguided strategies are generating mountains of digital waste."

Facebook Faces Battle for Big-Brand Advertisers
Wall Street Journal
Big online ad buyers such as Ford ran less than 15% of their digital ads on Facebook in August and September. Big-name brands find they can reach a target audience at a steep discount through what is akin to word-of-mouth campaigns that spring from free Facebook pages.

YouTube Videos Unlikely to Draw TV Ad Rates
Brad Adgate, director of research at Horizon Media, said that YouTube's plan to add new channels of professionally produced content are unlikely to pull ad dollars from cable channels. "The dollars are going to come from online budgets." YouTube is recreating Hulu's "model."



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